AS (Alloy Specific) Burs

The new AS - Alloy Specific - range has been designed to meet the most demanding metal finishing needs on Ni-Alloys and Ti-Alloys in high tech industries such as Aerospace and Power Generation.

Base Metal Range

The Base Metal Bur range from ATA is designed specifically for general deburring applications on metals less than 250 HB*. The geometry has been specifically designed for use on Low Carbon Steels, Copper and Brass materials, extensively used in food and drink industries.

Bolt Remover Range

A specially designed range of burs for the removal of broken studs in maintenance applications.

Inox Burs

The Inox range has a specially designed geometry to suit growing market demands for stainless steel applications. The inox cut is a more cost-effective alternative to standard solutions due to the greater rate of stainless steel stock removal and on ferritic, austenitic and martensitic based materials.

Locksmith Range

ATA Locksmith range is an intentionally designed range of burs for professional locksmiths.


Standard bur geometry’s designed for general purpose applications, providing rapid stock removal on materials such as steel, copper, cast iron & nickel alloys.

Steel Burs

The Steel range provides a more aggressive stock removal thanks to its unique cutting geometry, specifically designed to increase metal removal on steel components.

Tyre Router Range

A specially designed range of routers for use in the rubber vulcanization process in the automotive industry.


Small diameter burs for facilitating precise control on intricate workpieces.

Long Shank

Designed for general deburring where accessibility is a problem.


Coated burs are designed to extend the life of the bur.


ATA sets offer a selection of most commonly used burs suitable for demonstrations, displays, samples or promotions.


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