Preventative Maintenance

The ATA Premier Preventative Maintenance Program allows customers to manage cost-effectively their power tools population whilst increasing the efficiency and safety of their processes. It combines the best of scheduled maintenance and predictive diagnostics to minimise costly disruptions, improve critical tool life and ultimately maximise productivity.

A full range of maintenance services are available to allow you to better manage your maintenance costs. From inspection to preventative maintenance services, ATA supports you to define the right maintenance regimen based on your requirements. Specific reaction time for corrective maintenance on your critical assets can also be defined in a service level agreement.

The ATA Premier Preventative Maintenance Program includes the following steps:

  • Tool Audit - A joint exercise between the customer and ATA, which provides a detailed list of  the power tool population on-site. In addition, our ATA Services Experts evaluate the tool + consumable combination, in order to propose improvements that decrease process interruptions and minimise maintenance efforts.
  • Tool Register - The Tool Register offers customers full traceability of their installed base with updated information and documentation throughout tool's life cycle.
  • Vibration Testing - This additional service allows customers to provide a safer working environment in areas where operators are using power tools in combination with abrasives consumables products. Over the years, ATA has worked closely with experts to minimise the risks of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). 
  • Maintenance Program - ATA works with customers to implement a maintenance program which suits their needs, processes and their budget. Regular reviews and constant monitoring  enable customers to optimise maintenance costs and improve availability through a well-balanced maintenance plan

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