Complementary tools and consumables for maximum productivity and results.

We provide both tools and consumables for a variety of deburring, material removal and finishing needs - across any material and any application.

Recognised as a global leading supplier of precision engineering products and solutions, ATA designs, manufactures and distributes the most comprehensive and advanced range of tungsten carbide burs, pneumatic tools and abrasives.

Tungsten Carbide Burs

With the most widely used burs in the world - with a selection of over 1000 different types of tungsten carbide burs, we offer bur configurations for every ferrous or non-ferrous application for efficient stock removal and optimum surface finish.

Industrial Air Tools

We design, manufacture and distribute high-end industrial air tools. Our industrial air tools are designed and built to exceed customer expectations for reliability, comfort and cost-effectiveness, through great design and robust build quality.


We supply a varied and complementary range of abrasives including flap discs, flap wheels and belts for cutting, grinding, polishing all metals in all major industry sectors.


We provide a special range of FGR to maximise performance and productivity on composite materials.


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