Flap Discs

Flap Discs - Universal discs for use on a wide range of ferrous materials

Mini discs

Premium Quickchange Mini Discs - Small diameter flap discs for ferrous materials

Flexidiscs ®

Premium Flexidiscs - Flexible patented discs which are ideal for blending and finishing on concave and convex surfaces, contours and profiles

Mini Flexidiscs ®

Premium Quickchange Mini-Flexidiscs - Flexible small diameter flexidiscs designed to blend and finish on awkward, hard to access areas

Flap Wheels

Flap Wheels - Universal wheels for use on a wide variety of ferrous materials ideal for stock removal, deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing

Quick Change Discs

Quickchange Discs - Ideal for general purpose grinding, deburring, blending and edge grinding on ferrous and non ferrous materials

Grind & Cut off discs

Grind & Cut Off Discs - Ideal for preparing, cut-off notching, slotting and grinding out defects on a wide range of materials including ceramics, mild steel, aluminium, titanium and nimonics

Abrasives belts

Abrasive Belts - Comprehensive dimensions and grits available to suit grinding and polishing applications


Spirabands - Specially bonded on tear resistant cloth and are ideal for use on soft metals such as aluminium, and non ferrous materials

Flap Brushes

Flap Brushes - Ideal for use on Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel high alloys, Aluminium and non ferrous materials


Flexistrip - Strong highly flexible non loading product which conforms to the shape of the work piece. Ideal for removal of rust, scale and coatings on many different materials

Unitised wheels

Unitised Wheels - Excellent aggressive performing product with a controllable and consistent metal removable ability

Mounted points

Mounted Points - A wide range of shapes, grits and dimensions available to suit a variety of metal removal applications

Rubberised abrasive blocks

Rubberised Abrasive Blocks - Ideal for removing bluing of welds, light scratches and corrosion on a wide spectrum of materials


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